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Running your own small business is demanding. While you probably don’t mind giving it your all, chances are the bookkeeping and accounting tasks leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here at Cornerstone CPA we understand that the financial health of your business is at the top of your priority list, but we also know that no one wants to work all day then try to sit down and sort out the finances. We also know it isn’t easy to ask employees to bear that burden. Not to mention it usually isn’t the most efficient use of their skills.

Outsourcing your accounting needs makes sense. You avoid adding another employee to the payroll, you can focus on business operations, and your employees are utilized in the best possible way. Our qualified CPA firm in Tustin, CA is here to provide you with timely and reliable accounting services. From routine tasks such as payroll to more involved detailed financial reports and taxes, we can help your business run more smoothly by taking on the accounting aspect while keeping you fully informed and in control.

Locally Outsourced Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

To learn more about how outsourcing your accounting can help your business, call us today at 714-505-1925 or request a free consultation online.

Our bookkeeping service fee is the most affordable for small businesses. You pay us one low fixed monthly fee based on the number of business transactions.

0-100 Transactions

$119 /mo

101-150 Transactions

$149 /mo

151-200 Transactions

$199 /mo

200-300 Transactions

$299 /mo

300+ Transactions

$299 /mo

Plus $1 for each transaction in excess of 300 transactions

How Our Bookkeeping Works

1) We’ll Get You Set Up

First, one of our senior accountants will be assigned to your account. He or she will take the time to get to know your business and gather everything we need from you to set up your account. Then, he or she will introduce you to a dedicated bookkeeper who will show you how our bookkeeping process works.

2) Monthly Bookkeeping

We assign you a dedicated bookkeeper supported by a team senior accountants and CPAs. Your dedicated bookkeeper imports your business transactions into our accounting software and works on your books.

3) Review

Upon completing your books, your bookkeeper will notify the assigned accountant who will then review your books to ensure all the transactions are accounted for and properly classified.

4) Financial Reports & Analysis

Each month, your accountant will send you the cumulative Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflow along with the Financial Statement Analysis. Through financial statement analysis you can determine and identify financial strengths, weaknesses and relationships that exist in your company. This valuable information can help you make best-informed decisions and help your business thrive.